And Love This Place But....

I hate Canadian Broadcasting. All of it, not just the CBC which I truly and deeply hate because of its liberal bias and its overwhelming immigrant/minority/french content.

The hate I'm talking about today is our focus on the world instead of us.  
I'm trying to cheer on our Olympians so I turn on the TV.  Micheal P biography. OK so maybe I'm the only one that doesn't give two ***** about that long armed freak of nature, so I change the Chanel.  US and Brazil.  Again I'm pissed off, but at least its beach volleyball so there are tight ***** in bikinis... except when the wear those ugly long pants.  This ain't ******* yoga.
Channel after channel its other countries and their star athletes.  No focus on Canadians at all.  Now I concede that part of the reason is that we aren't doing so well in the medal count, but guess what?  I would rather cheer on my country on its way to another *** kicking, than watch some Chinese/American/whoeverthefuckelse win a gold medal.
And how do they expect us to progress athletically when our youth, our grass roots don't get exposure to Canadian athletics?
Here in Canada the Olympics are on at least three different channels.  But I might as well be watching NBC for the amount of Canadian content I get.
Rant Over.
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hehehe....awww, feel better now? ;-)

just teasing.....I agree....I've thought the same thing.....

Haha! I think it did make me feel better.
Muffin my ***! :)

I\'m just giving you a hard time...*giggles*

HERE HERE!! nicely said.

Personally, I cannot stand American TV. <br />
Loving my Canadian culture more and more standing beside them.

Hahahaha. So true. I mean, if I have to hear about Missy Franklin one more time on CTV just because her parents happen to be Canadian and she likes vacationing in Nova Scotia, I'm gonna friggin lose it. So what? She's NOT Canadian, she's American born and raised, but Canadian networks have such a hard-on for tying to claim other country's athletes as our own because there aren't enough gold medals on our own end to cover. <br />
<br />
Oooooh! The 10,000m runner from Kenya once had a layover at Pearson International Airport....that's practically Canadian! Let's focus on him for a while. <br />
<br />
What's that you say? One of the female judo wrestlers from Surinam bought an Alanis Morissette album 10 years ago? Well, maybe a 15 minute bio of her on Olympic Primetime is in order. <br />
<br />
I know that we have a lot of athletes competing this year, but really, would a short 5 minute intro to ALL of them spread out over 2 weeks REALLY be that hard on the CTV? We get it. Micheal Phelps...greatest Olympian ever (even though he's basically doing the SAME thing just with a different stroke)...but we KNOW all this **** about Phelps. How about some more exposure to the discus thrower or boxer or whatever other events that we don't have a hope in hell of winning? Who cares? If they come in 54th place, so what? At least allow them their 5 minutes on a CANADIAN network so at least people actually KNOW that we compete in those events and that maybe other people will be inspired to try them out. <br />
<br />
Ok, now MY rant is over. <br />
<br />
PS...what a bullshit call in that US/Canada soccer game. Just had to get that one in there. :)<br />
<br />
Ok....NOW the rant is over.

Multiple Bullshit calls. I hope Sinclair doesn't get suspended from the bronze game for calling the ref a cheating *****.... OK those are my words but she did call the ref biased.