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Northern Canadian Girls......

Sweet girls come from the south....
Pretty barbie girls come from California (and we love them!)
But Canadian Girls have fire and ice in their blood......
we can drive and survive in the snow, handle the bitter cold...
we can bet the hot heat...
we can be a princess, but yet throw a mean left / right hook...
we certainly can drink with the boys and keep up, sometimes out drink them
  and still walk away....
we can cook whicked meals....
not scared to get down and ot play in the mud...
join the boys on the shootin' range and keep up, and out shoot them...
strong red neck kind of girls we are...
and if we have an opinion.....
you bet your sweet *** your gonna hear it....
we are not scared of anything....
  We are Canadian Northern Girls >

SassyBabe39 SassyBabe39 46-50, F 15 Responses Dec 11, 2012

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I am Proud to be a pure bread Canadian from BC. and still here!

Hey BC girl here to, beautiful here

No way! Realy?


Oh yea babe!!!
Yet BC. Gals are ssmockin!

yes there are :)

Especially those who migrate to the heart of BC. Kelowna!

oh love it there, going there this summer, love the whole area...
so glad to move back to Vancouver Island, I have missed the ocean :)

Omg, I love the island, mostly long beach, Tafino... I used to organize trips to long beach, "live 2 surf" was just out side of Tafino, She, owner would have everything we needed set aside for our arrival, we would camp right on the beach, eat fresh clams, play crazy beach games, and surf !!!

Would be my honour to bring you on some incredible adventures that us adrenaline junkies do for fun, entertainment, ***** n giggles,,, being a BC gal, I'm sure you'll have yourself an awesome time. (Next summer ok!!!)
Or come this winter if your here, join us in the land of white bliss, snow boarding at big white! The more the better!
Let me know if your untested in keeping in touch? Can't have toooo many friends right!?

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That's right and don't let anyone tell you different!

Actually I'm stuck in Eastern Quebec.

Damn cold here right now, yet i still love Canada

you must be getting our recent -42 weather :) it's a warm - 2 or so, so hold on

Yup, 1 more day left of this crap, then liveable conditions. I'm in Regina.

what part are you from so cold?
we have been abnormally warm here!!

oh fun yes..heard you guys were geting some intersting weather out there

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Makes me a proud Canadian.

damn straight :)

Inspirational I must say. ;)

well humor part of it have to have a sense of humor to live here in Northen part of Canada where we are..and have to be room ofr princess **** here LOL

Sorry to disappoint but southern Ontario here.

hey still Canadian :) we all kick *** and rock :)!!!!!

How far north do you live? I have a daughterwho lives in the yukon territories... and absolutely loves it

well not quite that far.....Prince George BC
Yukon is goregeous!!!!

an up date to where I live now....still BC girl...I have moved to Vancouver Island...Duncan BC...beyond beautiful here :)

Stated like a true Canadian all right!

totally true Canadian gal here you bet your *** :) !!!!

chuckles 'is that bet my *** or spank my ***" like I say Canadian girls are the best


Canadian Girls are and will always be the BEST!

mmm yes we are ;)

Grew up on the south shore of Lake Ontario in New York, but spent lots of time in Ontario with many from that Province.

i would love to see Ontario

hell yes. thats why im stoked to be canadian.

I grew up on a dairy farm until I went into the service and my folks sold most everything and quit farming as they were too old and all my brothers had families and I was in the service. We had cows pigs chickens turkeys and sheep and raised all our own food in the garden. Hard work and it was an almost 24 hour thing too.sometimes with cows likin' the greener grass across the fence. So I respect a woman with good country skills and stick-to-itiveness.

yes we had friends with a farm as well when we were kids, and we helped them work it is a lot of work indeed!!

Bet Your Sweet *** I Love red neck Canadian women. It's in my blood to love all good strong and self assured women. Ones that can survive. Toby Keith sings : A Country Boy Can Survive ! I'm a Survivor too. Well written piece Sassy Babe. Sassy Okie.

well a woman has to be strong here....
no room for the weakneses LOL
damn Northern girls are a force within our selves, LOL :)