I Am Canadian

I am Canadian.   I was born in Port Arthur  which is now part of Thunder Bay!
I love snow shoeing,  tabogganing,  bowling!   Eventhough I'm Canadian I do not say Eh off!  Also  I don't watch hockey or football.   I do like golf!   I really like bingo!  I grew up half in the city and half in the country.   They both have there  disadvantages and advantages!   Fresh food is easier to get in the Country.   Travelling is easier in the city,  one can take a bus in the city!
There is the Greyhound bus but that isn't daily  it goes by once or twice a month in the country!  I don't know which I like better!   I think I am Canadian
but I think the Canadian Flag is boring!   I like apple pie of course.   Potatoes are most common among meals!  I wonder why I don't get sick of them!
aquarius3 aquarius3
Jan 4, 2013