Love It.

I love being able to say I am Canadian. ALthough I've been raised in America most my life, I love Canada and everytime I visit, my heart still feels like it's home. It's weird, but Canada just gives me a warm feeling all around. I've thought about living there. But I must say, nothing compares to this California weather. I love America too. I just feel so blessed to be in the land of the free. I thank God that I was born and raised where I was and not in the less fortunate areas of the world. I am thankful everyday and I don't forget to count my blessings. I know I get depressed and I start to resent my life..but during times that I am sane, I realize that my life is easier than alot of others and I should cherish every minute of it.

theSweetestSin theSweetestSin
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You would get along great with a friend of , she loves Canada too.

Really :) Go us!


I heard your country was once called CND. When asked how it was spelled the reply was: C eh, N eh, D eh...the rest is history!!!