Michaëlle Jean - Abuse of Power???

When Barack Obama visited Canada last week, he met with Governor-General Michaëlle Jean.  It appears that during this visit, Ms. Jean enlisted his potential support in her quest to provide support for the Haitian poor.  Does anyone besides me think this is an abuse of her position? 

Canada provides relief to many countries in need (so does the U.S.), but it disturbs me that she used the U.S. President's state visit to try to enlist him in her pet project.  I think she is abusing her position of power to exploit the resources of Canada AND the U.S. to support the people of her own "Native Land". 

What do you think?

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5 Responses Feb 23, 2009

And again I totally agree with the points you made!

Although I sympathize with the story, as Canadian, with a terrible student debt, sometimes I had hardship and dealt with very though times in poverty, I still feel thankful because I had been to many of the countries Canada supports and believe me, if you think Canada has problems, you are just closing your senses to the level of terrible hardship other people live with. I can tell you that life is not easy but Canada always had something to offer and I still don't understand how can some people be in extreme situations of poverty, I was one of those people. Help is there, just you gotta look for it. And I dont mean welfare...

Well said, JP5040! (And don't get me going on the sale/export of our natural resources to the U.S. We in B.C. are still paying for California's unpaid energy bill.)

Michaëlle Jean is Haitian-born, but has lived in Canada for many years. She is intelligent and elegant. She has a history of separatism, which is a very very sensitive issue here in Canada, thus she is a person who came to live in another country and then advocated breaking it up. She declares she is no longer partisan, but her history makes me uneasy. This has nothing to do with her DNA. Canada is a country whose people have the DNA of pretty much every race in the world, and I have absolutely no wish to see anyone thrown out on the basis of race. Rather, I embrace our diversity and the richness of it. It has to do with using her position of power to exploit the resources of the country she has adopted, to the advantage of her own native land. When it comes to foreign aid, there is no shortage of unfortunate but deserving countries, and we aid many. So why Haiti? Could it be? That it's because she came from there? She has been involved in a "Solidarity with Haiti" project for a little while. I am expressing my hunmble opinion only. I think that trying to enlist a visiting head of state in a specific project that has nothing to do with Canada/US relations was opportunistic, to say the least, if not downright rude. The rest of the world does not perceive Canada as a country where poverty exists, but it does. Nothing against Haiti, but I would rather see more assistance given right here in Canada.<br />
And yes, this is just a debate. I welcome everybody's feedback, especially yours, Ladee!

To me, Ms. Jean's appointment made me uneasy right from the start, given her separatist background (which affiliation she declares is over). I would much rather see her spending more time and publicity on improving some of the poverty and nasty slums we have right here in Canada.