A $500 Million Renovation????

The Governor-General's mansion is about to receive a $500 million renovation!  $500 million????  Renovation????  I mean, okay, maybe it needs a reno-update, but $500 million, for pete's sake? Housing for the homeless!  Educational support!  Grants for the arts!  Local improvements!  Health care!  Job creation!  Minimum wage!  Come on! How come the government can grant $500 million for a reno but doesn't have any money to spare for the really important stuff! 

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because we keep voting for people who are already part of the political in-crowd

Yes, Ms. Jean has applied herself to many opportunities in Canada. I think she is intelligent and elegant. However, her appointment as G-G has always made me uneasy. She came here to a new country, then advocated the breakup of that country. She says her Separatist partisanship is over, but there are still things about her activities that make me uneasy.<br />
But my ob<x>jection is to the Canadian government approving that money for a reno, not about Michaelle Jean. (The money, I am informed, is much less than I originally understood, but still.......it's a lot for a reno!

PS><br />
I think is is cool that a refugee from Haiti can come to Canada, gain a university degree, learn six languages and become the Governor General. She apparently has her sights set on becoming the Queen's Privy Council for Canada. She holds many honours, worked at women's shelters and paved the way for many shelters across Canada.<br />
<br />
Taken in perspective, this is a blemish on a great resume. :-)

I didn't hear about that! Thank you for the info!<br />
<br />
I did hear the William Shatner was going to apply for Michaelle Jeans position, but is, instead, aiming to be Prime Minister. Woah!

Someone just advised me that it's $5,000,000, not $500,000,000. Still. I'm ticked. I could do a heck of a reno for $5,000,000 - or send a lot of kids to university......maybe even rescue a few street kids....

Thanks jp - but if you also write a letter to the editor, it will carry more impact than being quoted. Would you? Vancouver Sun??<br />
Destry, I couldn't agree with you more.

Thanks, jp5040. I think this one rates a Letter to the Editor.....