Some of Canadas Top 20 Women! (my Top 10)

Louise Arbour - UN Human Rights leader

Margaret Atwood - Human Rights activist

Senator Anne Cools - founded Women in Transition houses in Canada, first black person ever appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1984

Agnes MacPhail - The first woman ever to sit in Canada's House of Commons, worked on the needs of poor farmers, the plight of striking miners and in particular, the dire state of our prisons.

Mary Maxwell - an established author, lecturer, filmmaker and the best-known member of the Bahai community. (Promoted the Bahai message of peace and tolerance.)

Nellie McClung - Women's Christian Temperance Union into a battle for votes for women, which they won in 1916.

Emily Murphy -  The first woman magistrate in the British Empire. Murphy was challenged for not officially being a person in the eyes of the law. With four Alberta women, the social worker and author, known as 'Janey Canuck,' carried the Persons Case to Britain's Privy Council and won.

Laura Secord - she was 37 when she made the long trip on foot to warn the British of a planned American attack, thus earning her place in history as a heroine of the War of 1812.

Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne of Gren Gables Author

Sarah McLachlan - Singer / songwriter

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Being on the prairies is pretty decent. We're booming here ...

I love living in Canada. It is a great place to raise a family. From the mountains only being a few hours away for camping, sking, hiking to the okanagan being a day away. Beauty where ever you go