What's Your Favourite Tim Horton Doughnut?

My favourite Tim Horton doughnut is:

Maple dip (how Canadian can you get - Timmie's Maple Dip)

Chocolate dip

Apple fritter (nuked)


Cinnamon bun




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7 Responses Mar 10, 2009

wait, you'r counting the cinnomon bun? then i reeeeeally have no idea.

My favorites are the honey cruller, Boston cream, and Maple Dip.

Hahaha, of course! <br />
for the 100$ you have to send in this big form, and then they send it back to you eventually, it's actually a big hassle.

OMG. You won a roll-up? You actually won? Can I have your autograph?

Boston Cream! But I agree, warm and fresh donut's of any kind are delicious. And I love their Coffee! ... do you know how many time's the three magic words are spoken into the little speak box in the drive through every day "large double-double".. ? mmm. <br />
p.s. I won 100$ tim's card in roll up the rim last week. <br />
last year I won 17 free coffees!

I think if I worked at Tim's my figure would become perfectly round in no time!

I guess chocolate dip or a Boston Cream....Haven't had any in ages but know where the best ones are! :)