Nope.  I Wish!  I...

Nope.  I wish!  I've heard to Canada refered to "America Light".  The one time I visited Canada I LOVED it.  I was trying to convince my parents at the time to relocate us there or put me up for adoption in a Canadian orphanage.  I really enjoy everything about Canada except what I assume is extreme cold.  I can't even handle PA in the winter... C'mon!
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grew up in ontario,been living in van city for 16yrs.if ya wana beat the snow,this is the place,but i'll warn ya dude,5plus here in winter feels like -17.if your active-ya got it made!!!ahlo haa

Its all part of being a Canadian - hot and cold! You learn to live with it.

If you hate the cold, try Vancouver or Victoria. However, the snow is replaced by rain. Personally I prefer a little snow - at least you can go out and play in it! Also the Okanagan and the Thompson Valleys of B.C. are really hot in summer, mild in winter, and not humid.

I dont know if I'm accustom to it because I'm canadian, but I dont find it that cold. Sometimes yeah, but where I live (alberta) its not any worse than new york. Currently its hot. Almost 100 degrees farenheit tomorrow.

True Chaus. The southern tip of Ontario is just as far north as the top of California. I don't hear people complaining about too cold to move there. Calgary also gets allot of warm winds in the winter, not that cold at all. The rest of us get a couple weeks of deep cold but warm weather is just a vacation away.

It truly depends where you live in Canada. Sure it is cold in the northern regions but southern Ontario has nice weather and if you prefer warmer weather you could relocate to Victoria B.C.

Victoria’s winter weather is OK but the banana belt of the Island is Nanoose and Fairwinds. Cheers!

Canada is fine weather wise. Sure it's a little chilly in the winter but you just add another sweater. It's not that bad.

Yeah that's gotta suck. I live in PA and the cold sucks most of the time. I can't imagine what Canada is like weather wise.

I have been forced to move to Canada but I got to use to it, except the COLD