Behind Enemy Lines

Im Canadian, but for the past three years I've been living in the U.S. going to school and all that jazz. It's weird because even though i was always really patriotic, I never felt it this strongly untill I landed on the other side of the border. Maybe its really nerdy, but by now I miss my home and native land so much that I'll get this random bursts of pride that literally bring tears to my eyes. Like today, I was listening to this thing on the cbc about diep, and about how the villagers there have passed downt he story fo canadian military sacrifice from generation to generation, and I just parked my car and started bawling. Werid, I know. I guess im just that patriotic. Or im going through early menopause...?
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3 Responses Aug 19, 2007

I see you wrote this a number of years ago. Can't help wondering how you feel today. I love Canada, visit as often as I can, and have done some work there too. I also noticed you are writing this in the heat of summer and miss the summer weather there, but I wonder how you'd feel in January/ February?

I totally relate. Patriotism is in the heart of where you belong(ed). Loved your daring title "Behind Enemy Lines". that's good. I've been away over 48 years and I go home to Canada once or twice a year, usually stay for a month or two. What has happened is that I no longer feel Canadian and I don't feel American so "torn between two lovers" I guess.

hehe no no i don't think it's menopause! i think we only realize how truly patriotic we are only once we've left the country for a long period pf time.. I left for 6 months to study in europe. normally, i am not really patriotic but i could not believe how "canadian" i was! therefore just breathe and you'll be home soon enough. :)

By breathe you mean filling the lungs with the cool, clean Canadian air and are parched for that first long drink of Canadian water and feel the wind on your chest and face.