FOX Airs Program Mocking and Slandering Canadian Soldiers In Afghanistan.


At a time when we are bringing home our fallen soldiers on the Highway of Heros - men and women who gave their lives in an American-led War on Terrorism - Fox Network aired a program which I think was called "Red Eye", in which a group of people sat around laughing and jeering and mocking and insulting the Canadian military.  A few comments:  "Hey, isn't this a good time to invade this country?  They have no army!  HAhahaha."  The Canadian military wants to take a one-year break after 2010.  Hahaha.  So they can run on beaches in sparkling white capris.  Hahaha!"  And much, much worse. 

It's just....stunning.  There just aren't enough words to describe how I feel about these insults.  I cannot conceive a group of people being aired on a Canadian network, insulting, jeering and laughing at any of our Allies, no matter who they are, especially in a time of war, when these Allies are dieing in our aid.  No, I cannot conceive of that. 

They "didn't mean to be disrespectful?"  That's not good enough.   

I am one of those Canadians whose stomach sinks with the news that more soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, straining to hear their names, frightened that it could be the kid down the street who is barely 20.

Bring our children home from Afghanistan.  If they must fight, let it be with "allies" who respect and appreciate them.      

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Didn't watch the show coz im 12,000 miles away in Australia
My dad was at Casino where German snipers were pickin off allies in any careless movement---He prayed every night that his rego The Royal West Kents wouldn't be chosen to lead the invasion .The Canadians draw the short straw.Lest we forget

My dad was also at Monte Casino, with the Royal Canadian Dragoons.

Small world -Perhaps they might have spoken to one another,who knows? .I was going to say shared a cigarette ,but most, that lit up in the dark ,got their head blown off. Saw a very moving U/S-Canadian cemetery in Calabria a few years back,and if all goes well I ll be seeing the Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbour in 5-6 weeks time Will shed a tear no doubt.Not ashamed to say that's the fem side coming out in me.

Thanks, Jugemu and Jaml. This is a two-year-old post, but it is good to know that people stilll take an interest. Thank heaven our soldiers are home for awhile.....

Thanks for your comments, penguinswon and saturnian. <br />
<br />
Yes, Maggibag (the fatcat) was my friend for 15 years.

nanseltar.......... i have 22 cats and they all as fat has maggibag the youngest is called baked bean because after a cull he survived by hiding in a bean can

it's interesting that the most vocal voices on the right are all a bunch of chickenhawks:<br />
Rush Limbaugh, George Bush, **** Cheney.<br />
Always brave enough to send others off to be killed. Never brave enough to serve.

Not to mention Mitt Romney, who like **** Cheney, got a number of deferrments.

thanks for pointing that out

ignore them they are idiots why they remember the time they DID try to invade canada they were not keen to try again by the way is the plump cat yours?

Well, 619, careful about criticising riots - I gather you are American, so take a look at your own country's history of riots - not quite the same thing as ridiculing people who are putting their lives on the line as your government's allies. Take your own advice and grow up, and while you are doing that, and doing your riot research, learn to read and spell. You appear to have confused texting with literacy, so your judgment and written opinions don't have a lot of weight. Oh, and stick to the subject. This is about war, and real heroes, and respect - not spoiled kids on a rampage.<br />
<br />
Furthermore, this post was made at the time of the incident, but has attracted recent interest. Learn to read.

wow ur cryin over tht and yet it was vancuver pple who were rioting cuz they lost to a american team tlk about no class then u have the nerve to call us out bout something tht happend two yrs ago grow up

Queenof Argyll, don't worry, I know all Americans are not like that, and the ones I know are really decent people. I am just annoyed and offended at the insensitivity and arrogance of the Fox idiots. This all happened back in 2009, so by now it seems no apology is forthcoming. <br />
<br />
Mother and Cheyenne, thanks for your comments.

many tv shows and movies have done this-Canadian Bacon and South Park to name a few

Hey, we appreciate humour, especially when cleverly done but when it comes to people dying, Fox news, who aired the footage, proudly no doubt, and the ignorat ******** who were making the comments, can all go straight to hell where they will undoubtedly be welcome. . Canadian troops played crucial roles in both WWI and WWII and we lost a lot of our people. Maybe we don't spend trillions of dollars a year on the military but when push comes to shove, don't think for one second you can **** with Canada. The U.S. tried that once and lost.

Thanks, Cheyenne. They did the same thing in the liberation of Paris. The Canadians (and Brits) who slogged their way from the beaches of Normandie to Paris had to sit by the side of the road while fresh American troops - many of whom had not yet seen combat - were marched past them to march into Paris. My dad and his army buddies were bitter about that til they died. I did not know it happened in Berlin as well.

Thanks, Seals. I wish you well in your chosen career. As for the type of engineering to study, well, how about structural? The military has always built great roads and bridges!

And just when I thought FOX couldn't stoop any lower. That's just wrong on so many levels, sure they say it's all fun and games. But making fun of armed men... I'm not sure that's the smartest thing to do even if we're on the otherside of the border. <br />
Once I go through all of my schooling, I'm planning to enlist (I'm not sure if that's the right term) as an engineer. Of course I still have a long way to go till' then... and I'm not even sure which branch of engineering to get into either.

Heehee! Hey, Nanoose - either you are a Pat yourself, or you know someone who is! My dad was a Strath!

Well at least they didn’t throw in some jokes about toques and igloos. <br />
At this very moment there are United States Special Forces training with Canadian special forces for part of the first defense strategy of North America and their both learning a bit from each other. <br />
My point is if you were to ask a Marine what they thought of the Patricia's they might jokinly say well I wouldn’t through them out of my fox hole for eating crackers but their more likley too say – darn good soiders. And if a General said to a Marian – since all of Canada’s troops are deployred in Afganasine we might as well invade them – the marian would surally say – well what about the Patricias Sir.<br />
Preaty sure if the Fox network heard that some of Canada’s speacial forces were part of the Princess Paticia’s they would have a few jokes but I got a feeling jokes like that will be their waterloo too many people know some one in the allied forces. Cheers!

I was not aware of this plashemous insulting show. As much as it will upset me, i must seek it out for myself and see what depths Fox has sunk to. <br />
I know it has been commented to about someone boycotting all from Fox but the simpsons, Frankly I have been quite fedup with that show for a while. I believe that some people actually accept and raise some kids to be like bart. Fox news has long been biased in the extreme. <br />
Heck, during the Japan tsunami, the gulf wars etc, i found the least biased news was BBC. otherwise if it isn't happening to the US or americans, then Fox couldn't care less, there is nothing outside those borders that matters.

It's FOX, DUH!!

Thanks, Geetar. You aren't the only one who thinks responsible journalism is declining (gone???) When there is something big happening in the world, I flip back and forth among BBC News, CNN and our own Canadian all-news network. Among the three of them, I can usually get an idea of what's really going on...

Thanks, SewerraAThome. It's good to know that the soldiers themselves have respect for each other.

they like to talk about these shows being satire in the same way as Jon Stewart, just the right wing version. And I wonder then, why the world only ever gets pissed off at the right wing 'satire' news shows?

It's terrible that Fox can get away with airing something so distasteful! There would be a major uproar if the position was reversed and it was the American military being mocked!

Thanks, IT. It was a hard thing to hear, but I know they are just idiots. The Americans I know are far finer people than those who made the offensive comments.

Thanks Zinco. YOU are much appreciated.

I am a Cdn soldier, and yes, it hurt what they said especially watching 4 of my buddies coming home the next day. I listen to night radio a lot when I can't sleep and everytime I come across a station that is mocking or insulting someone, I know it is Fox radio.<br />
I can't understand how anyone calling themselves Christian can support such an institution. Every person on that station spews hatred. There is never anything positive or uplifting, just cut down people at whatever cost.<br />
I think that comedian is truly sorry he made those comments (which only showed his ignorance of the world) but hopefully he has learned a lesson to think before he runs off at the mouth.<br />
Thanks for writing this. It is much appreciated.

Thanks for your comment, Springmyst. My father was a career soldier, and I know what he'd have to say about that program! I want to reassure you and your children that your husband's service is respected and appreciated by his country.

Aww, Sweet, you don't have to apologise. Like I said, I know perfectly well they were just idiots, and not speaking on behalf of their fellow Americans. Like most of my countrymen, I found out about it on the news. It's being played all across the country. It's just hard to take when you know someone who's Over There. I think Fox should have censored it, so I'm censoring Fox.

Thanks DD and gottBhappy. I have recovered somewhat from the emotional shock I was in when I wrote this story. I do know that not all American people feel this way (although my sense of offense remains). I like the idea of boycotting Fox. I think I'll phone Starchoice right now and tell them to remove it.

As my father was a WWII veteran in the Canadian army, I'm boycotting anything Fox ... except for the Simpsons, but I'll only watch them on CBC and Comedy Network.

There are a few fools everwhere. Please, I am upset with Fox for there right wing BS in general. Now this. I don't believe any one else showed any thing like this...DD