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I like living in Canada.  I've been to other places in the world and find Canada has a very high standard of living with alot of wilderness and nature, which is beautiful.  We are however a very stressed out society, money driven and a little prudish.  We should learn to relax a little and be more open minded.  I think we take ourselves too serious sometimes.  But I probably wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  Long live Canada!

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We have a bad reputation for letting almost anyone into our country and sometime our system wont even kick them out when they should. We are a bit of bleeding hearts here but I think it is because we want to give people the chance to make a better life for themselves than they had.

Known many Canadians, in and out of the military. Wonderful people.

I ALMOST went to Canada once.. in an 18 wheeler. But friend said would be easier getting in than out of country. Huh! Don't know. Decided not to try it! lol

The thing about the cold is that you can always dress for it, but if it is too hot there's not much you can do even if you walk around naked. lol