Being Canadian

This is a vast land, full of contrasts and contradictions. Sometimes it is hard to define what it is to be Canadian, although I think most of us are proud that we are. Even moreso, we are proud of what we are not.

There are a lot of upsides to living in Canada. Here, our freedom from persecution based on race, sex, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. We can express ourselves openly without fear of police or government reprisal. We have universal health care, and high quality public education.

There are downsides to living here too. In most Canadian places, it's cold for more than half of the year. We pay some serious taxes too.

Overall, I love being Canadian. I love to travel to other places, but I'm always glad to come home.
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Winnipeg!!!! :D

I'm a Newfoundlander...and a Canadian:)

I was born in the US but live here and am a Canadian citizen..I have family down south but they hate winter.Actually St. John's has the third mildest climate in Canada in the winter..Not so cold..Great people and very friendly..

As a Canadian living in the south of the United States, I felt the need to post my total agreeance with user "canucknproud". I have felt the discrimination/xenophobia that brings with it moving to an entirely new country, but when you combine that with the ignorance of people you just have to laugh. There are ******** everywhere, dealng with them is up to you. Everyone's personal experience is different I know. For me, moving to Virginia in high school was, admittedly, terrifying. But now, as an adult, I wouldn't change it for the world. I am in mid process of obtaining my dual citizenship and have a great son and wife. My wife and I have also spoken about moving back to Canada (she actually brought it up to me). Yeah we may talk funny or drink too much beer (I do!), but hell Canada is one of the greatest countries on the earth and for sure one if not thee MOST FREE . God bless Canada.....and no where else (JK).

I'm so proud of how well we have help up in during the global recession!!! We have a top notch banking system that was rated #1 in the world! We certainly have our share of problems but I think Canada is generally a great place to live.

Im a canadian living in Ireland for a number of years and my heart feels sick with missing my home.To make matters worse i cant even stand the sound of my own voice because of the english accent ive had to fake to avoid being bullied here,Imagine that-the Irish prefer an english accent to a canadian one...with thier history it seems a bit odd but hey to avoid the non stop critical comments it was the only way to go for me.Im from hamilton and i know it mightnt be the most beautiful city in the world but i love it,i love the tim hortons,i love the snow,i love the smog!Most of all i love the CANADIAN PEOPLE and have to say after years of being bullied for being a canadian and a foriegner it has only made me prouder because i know that its jealousy of our fine nation that drives that level of bitterness!Heres hoping my husband gets redundancy so we can go home to ontario!!!!!

Ah yes.<br />
I have a little Canadian flag I always put it out when my Canadian relatives came. My family has always had close friends and relatives in Canada, and I loved to visit there.

Being of dual nationality, I had the option of a British passport. But to do that, I would have lost my Canadian citizenship, even though I was born here. That made my mind up. I love to travel, but I Am Canadian. Also, as someone mentioned before, Canadians seem to be welcome everywhere, and the passport is accepted almost everywhere. In travelling, I have even encountered Americans with little Canadian flags on their bumpers or backpacks!

Being a Canadian and travelling is awesome. The whole world LOVES us. We are known as a non hostile country and we, the people are welcomed everywhere.<br />
Who wouldn't be proud of that?

I moved here to the U.K just over a year ago.. and when I first thought about becoming a British citizen I was so excited! Even the thought of abandoning my Canadian citizenship, for British didn't put me off. But the longer I've lived here.. the more I've realized that it was just the newness of Britain (or really of a new culture) that I fell in love with. Now even though the weather here is lovely and just cool in the winters, and we have green Christmas' most years it will never truly feel like home to me. Its like I almost NEED to brave the biting, frostbite kind of weather, to truly live up to my Canadian-ness.. and I can't do that here.. I never thought I would miss it.. but its been more difficult than I could imagine, being away from it.. I am really missing Tim Hortons, 24 hour food stores, hockey, toboganning, and driving in the dead of a super icy winter. I think thats something you definitely need to be Canadian to understand.. but I now wouldn't give up being a Canuck for all the tea and Marmite in the world!

i would never give up being canadian for anything.