Yes, Maid, I'm A Canuck...

Ok, so I'm NOT a starship captain.....I am not in favour of the annual seal hunt, I think we should stop for a year and see if it really does decimate the fisheries, I do NOT say 'ABOOT', I like back bacon, of course, and Maple Syrup!!!! I DO try not to be rude, but I DON'T end every sentence with 'eh'? I drive a Volkswagen, (yes, even though they don't make REAL VW's anymore), I play Rock n Roll and R&B on my CANADIAN guitar, I HAVE had Jigg's Dinner, but I haven't kissed the arse of the Puffin. I have had a canoe trip, and been chased by a bear. I don't have a problem with the Queen, I kind of admire her. I saw a Bricklin once, and watched a game at the Gardens. I HAVE eaten at the Pink House near Sparwood, I was there for the fires in Kelowna, and have toured the Wine country in Ontario. I LIKE Stompin' Tom, and the Big Snit still makes me laugh. I watched National Film Board reels, and Archie and his Friends as a kid, and listened to the GUESS WHO and BTO like all Winnipeggers. I ate the Hotdogs in Lockport, The burgers at VJ's, and know what a 'NIP' is, at Salisbury House. 

I have toured the ROM many times, and been to Notre Dame in Montreal, and St. Joseph's Oratory. I've had tea at the Empress, and Lobsters in the Maritimes, and plenty of Hunky Uke food in between. I've swum in both Oceans East and West, and sat in a Dory jiggin for Cod, wearing a Nor' Wester!

I've drunk Screech and Prairie Shine, eaten taber corn, and climbed a mountain in the Rockies. I've been in rehab in Cowtown, and I don't CARE if people think we're meek, I AM CANADIAN!!!!!!!

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I'll have to try that!

Do you like art? How about the Group of Seven? Tom Thompson is my favorite Canadian painter from this group. Have you ever visited the Toronto Islands? A great place to spend a summer day especially if you enjoy a ride on an old fashioned ferry boat called the Trillium, which will take you across the Toronto harbour. Pack a picnic lunch and don't feed the Canada Geese--we want them to migrate down south in the autumn and keep the Yanks company.

Haha Geetar! I DO put maple syrup on my back bacon! And as for butter tarts - my aunt (who raises showbirds) makes them with peacock eggs - makes them nice an goopy.

When I have brekkie, the syrup pretty much goes on everything. I never skated the Rideau canal (yet), I DO own several toques, and fondly remember stubbies. One thing I did do, was eat a Nanaimo bar IN a Nanaimo bar.

:D Hello, fellow Canadian!

BUTTER TARTS?! Is there no END to the abundance of this great land?

Heehee. No. But I had to defend them with my life during the Olympics!

It's a Newfie dish. Salt beef or pork riblets, with huge amounts of boiled veggies. Sometimes Salt Cod. Getting 'Screeched In', in Newfoundland entails drinking screech, and kissing the arse of the Puffin, or Kissing the Cod. The Pink House is long gone, I think. How could I have forgotten TIMMY'S??!! & are your mittens on a STRING?

UIh-oh. Here I am thinking I am a true-blue Canadian, and I have never heard of Jiggs' Dinner. What is it? Kraft Dinner over poutine?? Don't know the Pink House, was IN the 2003 wildfires, and call me unpatriotic, but I have never had any inclination to kiss a puffin's arse - what's THAT all about? And other stuff you mentioned. However, I do own a toque and red mittens, and Timmie's are the only doughnuts I will eat. I AM CANADIAN!!! (eh?)

That was the game at the Gardens!

hI cANADIAN! i'M ONE TOO. You didn't mention hockey...did you forget or maybe you don't like it eh?