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Life can be strange, as the time passes by, the more we learn about feelings and confidence in people, the more you get disappointed. Every time when you try to be sincere and show who you really are and care for the people you love, then you find out they are not real. Some people don’t understand in the same way you do and they try to the utmost to find other intentions in your actions.  Perhaps as much you want to see the good of someone, they will never understand that you are real and honest. Unfortunately some people of these days lost the early simplicity, the innocence of child from the time which a kiss was sincere, an embrace, an expression of fondness and the meaning of love. What is the motive that makes people to change so much?  Why so many people are not able to be what they really want to be?  Why do they accept to be one more paradigm of the society?  And that before you know what it means, you learn and feel that some human beings are not human.

We learn this world is not easy, you meet people in your life, but you don't know if you can trust them. Your inner hope gives another try and you think you have found someone with a honest heart and this is when the worst thing happens realized that the person you have opened your heart, the one you have shared special moments, the one you wanted to help and you have given more priority than yourself, has broken your trust and made your world fall apart. Thoughts come and go, looking for answers…

You can't understand that even after you had been so pure in your feelings you are treated in this way again. Whenever you show how you are and you have decided to be you, they step on you with their own reasons making you feel insignificant.

You turn to be one more person who was treat as a puppet and try to close the door of your heart once again. A time comes that you don't have to explain why you don't trust people, you just don't want be betrayed and get hurt anymore.  Some of you would say it is better to be "mean" or "cold" than to be lovely and honest, because if you try to be yourself, they come and fool you...this kind of sad experiences make you to think that love, friendship and trust are nothing more than illusion.

Some of you would probably think that you have been fool or blind by not accepting that we live in a selfish world and that many people don’t know what respect means.  It is sad but true, some people would walk through “dead bodies” to reach their goals. After been fooled, betrayed and disappointed you don't know what to do, all you want is to forget. We all try to be strong and don't want to give up that honesty still exists.

I am sure each one of us has been once betrayed by an acquaintance, a friend, a family member or a love. Some left scars in your heart that made you to give up on your ideals, some of you are wearing a mask now...It is all sad, it is difficult to trust again and to believe in a better world, yet I still think we have to try to be ourselves and not pretend to be someone else otherwise the path for the happiness will be far away.

I know I want to be who I am. I don’t want to be someone who has to wear a mask through life. I am real and I will always be….

P.S. I wrote this story after I read someone's blog who has been betrayed, I felt their sadness. I deeply hope they will find their happiness again.

*Silence is the true friend that never betrays.*



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'I don't know soul who's not been broken<br />
Don't know a soul who's not confused<br />
Don't know a soul who's not forsaken<br />
And certainly abused.<br />
But it's alright, but it's alright<br />
You can see forever more ...'<br />
<br />
Paul Simon

The hardest thing to be is your self. You are you, and I like that about you.<br />
I am me here on EP, and I hope to be me in the real world one day.<br />
I always love to read your writing. What you wrote is so true.

The hardest thing to be is your self. You are you, and I like that about you.<br />
I am me here on EP, and I hope to be me in the real world one day.<br />
I always love to read your writing. What you wrote is so true.

The hardest thing to be is your self. You are you, and I like that about you.<br />
I am me here on EP, and I hope to be me in the real world one day.<br />
I always love to read your writing. What you wrote is so true.

Yes I agree with you Princess.

Yes it is difficult to trust when you have been betrayed. Once bitten twice shy. I am always prepared to see the best in people and give them a chance. If I get taken advantage of or hurt too much then it is time to move on.

Yeah everyone wanted to go read that one

Yepper......<br />
gezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz now I know all I am good for is my blogsssssssssss... LOL

Any time tender ... You know way to much about me for that com.. LOL

I hope you'll trust me :) ... I'm alright ;) ...

Good I will tell you up front...<br />
<br />
Dont trust me...

Honesty and sincerity are vital to sustain any kind of meaningful relationship. Trust once broken is hard to get back. If you are the one betrayed it makes it difficult to trust after that. We will probably all experience betrayal in our lives. It's sad when that happens and it's sad to witness it happen to someone else. This is beautifully expressed and I'm glad I didn't miss this story.

I have been betrayed by one or two friends. Now, they are no longer friends. I still trust people, I trust you princess.

Everyone I have ever loved has betrayed me...its very painful...I have really bad trust issues because it seems that everyone even people you think are there for you are so fake all along.

i agree with your feelings i also have trusted and bedenhurt but it passes if we allow it to pass,we have a choice to wake up every morning in distrust and solitude and be depressed or to wake and say its a new day and a new begining,we can be happy in our selves,its easy to become depressed every day with negative thoughts, happiness takes some effort trust even more so i still believe every person has good parts in ther souls,and redeeming qualites some times we just have to look deeper

:) <br />
<br />
I know.. some things cannot be forgotten, but forgiven. Athough it takes time. Sometimes very long....

It is far worse to sit in a cell of our own creation....solitude.<br />
<br />
a place many have retreated to as your writings relate.<br />
<br />
glad you trust baby, hate you've been hurt, but keep letting your heart feel.

I choose to look on the world with trust.<br />
<br />
an excepting heart, does it make me vulnerable....absolutely..... but feels better every day.<br />
<br />
do i remain reserved...yes to a degree, but that isbreaking downas I have the pleasure of close confidants and friend

You are right, many of us have been betrayed, some of us get over it and stay ourselves, some of us change. <br />
I appreciate that you stay who you are, and that's the reson we love you :) <br />