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I  am Caribbean.  Born in  Jamaica grew up in ENGLAND , EAST AFRICA but went to school mostly in Jamaica.  My Mother is 1/2 Scottish 1/2  Trinidadian, and My Father was born in Panama to Jamaican parents.

I used to tell my twins the were 1/2 Jamaican and 1/2 American (Jamericans) because their Father was American.  So one day a stranger asked my son Michael, "where are you from?"

     "Jamaica , " said Michael.

      So Michelle added " and I'm the American"

   My twins were born 4 mins apart in an Inglewood   Catholic hospital here in California !

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2 Responses Aug 4, 2007

i am from Jamaica too but, white i love the us, i miss home:(

Funny :) Kids do say the darndest things