Cause Honestly...

No one really gives a **** so why should I care what they think ...

Talk is cheap...but words are free. Most people can't even spare a few of those. Why? Time. Time is so valuable. So valuable...

The time you wasted reading this..just mighta coulda changed a persons life with your words. Encouragement, hope, love, friendship, support. A simple IM HERE!!

Some people can go all day without a single kind word spoken to them. Some people can go all day with a lump of grief locked hard in their throat.

Make an effort. 
If you care...let people know it.
It matters.
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

That is a very poor attitude to have in my opinion. People aren't sheep nor should they act like sheep b/c it's trendy or everyone else is partaking. You have a big heart woman so don't let outside interference affect your path :)

Great message!

But what about the mutes? surely they can not be blamed for not sharing kind words, or can they? Kill the mother ******* mutes.. and the mimes while we are at it.. and those with strep.. oh and children who have yet to grasp verbal communication, animals too, and people who do not talk kindly in their sleep!!!