I am currently attending a Catholic Church, and am scheduled to start my Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) in september in the Jesuit tradition. I was raised United Pentecostle, but I quit attending that church when I was 16-17. I enjoy the Catholic faith because of the depth of it's tradition. I am looking forward to being confirmed.
I was first exposed to the catholic faith by a college friend. His grandmother was strict catholic and when I went to visit them I had to go to church with them. I enjoyed it and over time the desire to become catholic has grown in me and I have finally started the change. I feel as if I was born catholic though.
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I was raised Catholic... I was confirmed in 1998.

Ah! I had to take RCIA last year to be confirmed. The classes are kind of interesting, but some of the subjects are a bit boring :P lol. I'm glad that you're converting! :) Just for the heads up though, if the tradition is a little bit overwhelming (especially if you have a very old priest, in a very old Catholic town/city/neighborhood) it's not as strict as people think it is. They "sound" strict, but they are VERY lenient. I wish you the best of luck on your transition and am so proud of you! :D