Divine Providence At Work

This is my first story and I feel a bit of an amateur but here it goes anyway. I've been thinking of how Divine Providence can work in a person's life. This is actually a true story!
There was once a young girl of about 17 and in her final year of secondary school. It was a couple of days before her birthday (14th Feb, 1981). As she looked out the window of her classroom, she watched the boys of her class playing soccer. "I'll be leaving school next year and wonder what I'll do. I wonder who will marry me? These guys outside seem unlikely candidates!" As clear as anything, an inner voice said, "Your future husband has just landed in Melbourne." A bit shocked, she pondered on those words.
In the meantime, a young man from Slovakia had indeed, landed in Melbourne. He was born in Poland, but moved to Slovakia when he was ten. After watching the movie, “Abba”, he thought that Australia would be a good and peaceful place to go. He prayed about it and the more he thought and prayed, he became consumed with the idea of going to Australia; almost to obsession. But how to achieve this? Slovakia was a communist country. No one was allowed to travel, especially to a western country. No one from his village had been outside the Iron Curtain. He would be declared an “enemy of the state” and be jailed or executed. Since he was still a Polish citizen, maybe the authorities would be more lenient? For some reason, the Poles have never been totally repressed and had a little bit more freedom than the Czechs or Slovaks. He decided to write to a government official and ask, “how does one go about travelling to a western country”. He prayed and didn’t really expect to get an answer from such an aggressive government. He even forgot about it; then unexpectantly a reply came through the mail six months later. He had to have a bank account established with American dollars. Now how to achieve that?
It took a year to save enough money with a lot of sacrifices and self denial, all the while keeping up the prayers and asking for guidance from the Almighty. He went to see an uncle who lived just over the border in Poland. The young man was able to hand over the money to his uncle and together they went to buy $400 American dollars on the black market. (A dangerous venture in itself!) They established a bank account in the young man’s name as a “present” from the uncle to the nephew.
In the meantime, the young man had come in contact with the Underground church and was befriended by a secretly ordained priest. (Another story, another time!) The priest had secret contacts in Austria – some priest friends in a monastery. Communication was established and the young man applied to visit Austria for a “holiday”. Miraculously, permission was granted provided that he came back and only took with him $100 American dollars.
So, with trepidation, the young man packed his bags without telling a soul except the priest. He hid the other $300 dollars in the most ingenious places. One was rolled up, covered in plastic and put into a tube of toothpaste. Similarly, another was placed in some hand cream and the other was placed behind a picture of Our Lady Of Czectokova. As he stood in line at the border with armed guards and barbed wire, he prayed to Our Lady to help him get through. If the authorities found the religious picture or the bible he was carrying, it would mean jail or execution. Incredibly, as the guards rifled through the suitcase, they did not see the religious picture or bible, even though it was right in front of them! Surely Divine Providence was at work!
Eventually he made contact with the priests in Austria and he hid in the monastery for a year. After 12 months, he applied for political asylum to Australia. Thankfully he was accepted and made his way to Australia. He landed in Sydney, but for some strange reason he felt the need to go to Melbourne. It all became clear later on, when he met a young girl. Through broken English and a very heavy accent, it was established that he had arrived on the 11th Feb, 1981. As the girl gasped in astonishment, she recalled the inner voice that said her future husband had arrived in Melbourne two years ago.
As incredible as it seems, I know this to be true because the young girl was me and the young man was my husband. Divine Providence has been at work in our lives ever since.
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Wow...that's amazing. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story :)

Wonderful story. Amazing things happen when we trust in divine providence. Thank you for posting this. Truly, He is great!

Thank you and thanks be to God indeed. The funny thing was that he started praying for his future wife at the age of 16. I would have been 10 at the time and not a Catholic at that stage. The Lord works in mysterious ways! I was always different as a child and always looking for something. That is how I found my faith and I put it down to being prayed for! Thanks for your comment.

This is a wonderful story and testimony to the love and providence of a caring Deity. Your husband's fervent prayers were rewarded in a wonderful way - he got you! And freedom from the yoke of communism. God be praised!