Lapsed Catholic

I was christened as Catholic in 1990 in Ireland,but was never truly brought up as one by my parents. My dad was an Irish Catholic,and my mother is a Welsh Catholic. My dad constantly questioned his religion when he was my age and found himself put from the table and sent out of the class for his views,whereas my mother was a good Catholic girl and behaved accordingly,brought up by my Irish great grandmother as well as my grandmother,whose twin sister is also a devout Catholic,who goes to mass on Sundays. My dad's mum was a Catholic up until her death in 2003,and when she died,I started practising the Anglican faith up until I lost my virginity at 18 this year.

However,yesterday afternoon after uni,I walked into the Catholic church near my halls to say a prayer for my auntie. Her cancer has come back,so I promised my cousin that I would pray for her. I made a sign of the cross with the holy water,and took the mass. It was something that I hadn't really done in a long time,if at all,even though I was sent to a convent school,when the nuns were formidable.

orangeblossom89 orangeblossom89
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2008