I Like Latin Mass

I prefer the Latin (Tridentine) Mass to the new Mass. It seems... holier. It seems as though it is otherworldly. Like the experience is really coming down from Heaven and from God, not at the street.

I don't think that any of this- religion, God, faith, life, death- comes from the street level. It comes from God and God inspired men and women to build this church and these rituals.

It is a fact that Muslims do not like the Qu'ran (Koran) to be translated to any language other than Arabic. They believe that translations are the meaning of the original words, not the words of the Qu'ran (I don't know if I'm spelling that right).

You may comment. Many of my Catholic friends get nervous when I tell them I go to Latin Mass sometimes, and they instantly change the subject (changing the subject is rude... I don't do it) when I bring it up. In one day, I told a sister and a priest that I had gone to a Latin Mass and their response was to get a sour face (no kidding, like they were swallowing rancid coffee) and say "Why?"

Deo gratias.

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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

I boycotted the novus ordo mass 18 years ago. I have a conscientious ob<x>jection to it on several grounds. Latin was difficult for me at first but now I love it and ended up teaching it though I don't at present. Thank you for showing your support for this sublime, superior rite.

why did they react that way? whats wrong with attending a latin mass?

Sorry to hijack you're experience FC, but I think this is an interesting topic. I wanted to add that reinforcing one's understanding of Latin also helps us appreciate our language and the root meanings for commonly used words. Especially if you work in the medical profession or in the judicial field. Latin is an important part of the way we communicate, Catholic or not. Thanks for the topic.<br />
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Vale amicus

I attend a mass in Latin once a month. My Latin is rusty but I can follow mass. I go because I always enjoyed it as a child. And I think alot of clergy today get a bad taste in their mouth when they hear Tridentine because they either don't speak latin, they speak it poorly, or they associate it with the "old" church. I know for a fact my parish priest considers the latin masses as esoteric and outdated, counter productive when it comes to converting new potential members of the faith. I think it's more prevelant here in the US where we have more of a liberal Catholic population. What I like to call "armchair catholics". Church members who don't necessarily prescribe to the views of the Vatican. Latin masses are still very common in African nations, Europe and the Latin countries, where the Catholic communities are still more traditional. My opinion though,