No Touchy

I have been celebate for over a year now.

I choose to be celebate because
A) I am ashamed for anyone to see me naked
B) I am afraid to be touched
C) I cannot be emotionally intimate, and I think sex should be emotionally intimate
D) I have PCOS and possibly endometriosis or fibroid tumors, which makes penetration painful for me
SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
36-40, F
2 Responses May 30, 2011

Its your life I've been celebate for about a year not into one nights and not found anyone I really want to share my life,having said that you can get as much emotional needs from a good long hug/cuddle either watching a good film of in bed before you sleep.

I have allowed people to get close, and then they hurt me, so I learned it's best to keep myself closed off. I am only close to two people now, and even they don't know EVERYTHING about me.

When I lived on the streets of San Francisco I had 4 rules I learned while I sold weed, 1965 to 1971. They are love no one ever, they will hurt you always. Trust no one, they come to you with their hands out only to take never give. Let no one know all of you, they will always use it against you and finally if you forget these rules remember the final rule, trust no one..I have no friends and sometimes it hurts not to be able to talk, but EVERY time I let someone close they betray me, always and I am so alone.

I wish we could be friends

You have to be your own best friend. Then you will never be betrayed or deserted.