I have decided to live a celibate lifestyle for over a month now. The reason I chose to be celibate is because after being in 2 long term relationships, one for 10 years the other for 6, I have realized that it is time I think about me. I have been severely abused in every imaginable way and feel disgusted at the thought of someone touching me. I feel deeply in love with someone after my 2 long term relationships and gave this person every bit of love I had left in me. This person was amazing. He was everything I ever wanted in a man. Little could I imagine that I had fallen in love with a narcissist. This man mimic d who I was and I fell for it. In the end I was financially and emotionally ruined. After that experience I decided that it wasn't worth falling in love anymore and I have refused to have sex because I get no pleasure out of it since I feel like a piece of *** anyways. I am sick and tired of being somebody else's entertainment. People have used me and laughed behind my back. I have no trust in anybody and to be fair to others I rather have no intimate relationships. My heart has been broken for the last time!
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4 Responses Sep 10, 2011

Follow YOUR bliss... If it fells RIGHT. DO/DON'T. Do it

Sept.11th- over a month now-I guess that's more proof of your lies regarding faithfulness-I hear she left her husband while his mom was dying and stole and sold off his belongings. She's quite the victim, all right.

It's too bad your delusions, paranoia, and self centeredness got in the way of real love. Too bad you couldnt stop projecting.

I suppose you don't like to take a crap either because wiping your *** is so messy. Sex is a natural healthy part of a good life. No one abuses you unless you are allowing it. Perhaps deep inside you a part of you likes the abuse? Get in touch with your own reality but don't give up sex or taking a dump they are both important. I bet your spending way too much time listening to what someone thinks god wants you to do. Live life continue to take a chance on love and sex. Your chances of finding great sex is closer than ever because of your bad experiences.