I Am Celebate

I decided to celebate on 11-10-11,it happen to be a nice combination number after i had my last sex on 8-10-11.Being sex addict all my life and i hate it especially when age catching up,i need more rest after sex.After realising that lust is the root of all suffering according to Buddha teaching that i happenned to accidently read on the internet,i immediately connect and since i hate myself for not being able to control my habits all this while,it happen so natural that i become aware if i am thinking of sex.

Everytime my mind start to think of sex,i immediately i remind myself of all the sufferings and downfalls that sex addiction has a major contribution on it.After a month of celebate,i realize i have more energy,more time and better memory as i have stop thinking of sex and worrying and looking.How nice if i discover celebacy earlier in my life.

I have tried sex suppression before for 2 years without sex but the habit came back again.Since i know celebacy,my life has change for the better.
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1 Response Nov 17, 2011

This is an awesome story! I am proud of you. I myself am still a virgin at 31. Not exactly by choice but I think about sex all the time, I day dream and fantasize. My relationships haven't lasted very long maybe that's why I'm still chaste. The temptation has not been there for me so much. I haven't met someone that I really want that way. I almost got sucked in once but glad I didn't. I was sexually attracted to the person but he was a user and would do anybody! I love sex. But never had it! Isn't that crazy!