A 30 Year Old Virgin!

Actually I'm 31 and still a virgin. So I am celebate by chance and by choice. Have been shy most of my life but have come out of my shell at this point. Don't get approached alot. Not ugly. But not your typical chick. Can't seem to find the right guy, I meet frauds and freaks and self absorbed who aren't really into getting to know a person. I blame the guys! Not completely but I also have convictions and morals and just haven't met the right person and do want to wait til I get married but at this point losing hope for love. Boo Hoo.
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I lost my virginity at nearly 25 years of age with my ex husband before we were married. Now that we're divorced after 14 years of marriage, I look back and truly believe that if we(I) would have waited, one of two things would have happen: Either he would have left and I would have known more about him or we would have taken time to know one another and develop a love that transcends into a more spiritual love. Once you have sex, that becomes the focus of the "relationship" and you tend to overlook important qualities about that person. It would have been much more benificial to have him court me for a year rather than rush things. As a result, less than a year after marrying, he told me he didn't get married to have less sex. THAT was the second nail in the coffin. I felt very used, even in our "committed relationship" ( which he corrupted by dating someone else when working out of town at about year 12). He left at year 13 and married his hussy less than 4 months after the divorce. It shouldn't have lasted 14 years, but I was a yes person for about 11 years and things went swell for him (note affair at 12 years). I hope you hold your stance and wait for your husband, not fiancee or boyfriend. It can save you much heartache in the future.

I was 41. I'm not ugly-I'm very attractive and there were so many guys that just wanted to get laid because of my looks, so what did I do? I was the ultimate tease (but I don't do that anymore). You should keep to your goal of saving it until marriage-if that's what you truly believe in. Do what you think is the right way. Everyone is different and there's nothing wrong with what you're doing. I myself either want to never marry or marry at a late age-but that's just my own way of being. I'm also celebate now more or less by choice. I have my convictions-as it sounds like you do also. Hold to your convictions until it feels right!

Happy Thanksgiving and I say thats awesome if you and your fiance want to wait from this point on even if you already did it. It may give u perspective on your relationship. Sometimes the sex is the best part of a relationship and without it you see the person and they may not be everything u think and then they may be tottally amazing! If I met the right man I don't know, I plan on waiting but part of me wants someone that I get so lost in that I give them all of myself.