"...on Accident."

I would consider myself a "serial relationship haver", I've never had a relationship that lasted less than a year and I am now soon to be 27. I had a 4 year relationship, that officially ended in June of 2011, that was probably over a year before that. I allowed myself to be used, because honestly, I felt I didnt deserve better. I felt that all I needed in a partner was a sense of friendship.. someone to talk to. In the end, it took a major move more than 8 hours away for me to cut all ties with that part of my life and that way of thinking. In the following months, I met 2 different men, and came to the conclusion that it was basically the "s.s.d.d". I quit trying to fill the void, I felt I have, and just let things be. I'm taking time to get to know myself again and what truely makes me happy. I've decided not to settle for anything less, even if it means being single and celibate for a long time. So I found myself to be experiencing a celibate lifestyle, on accident. However, I will continue.
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When you fall in love you will realize that everything that happened in the past were meaningless. It's like you only drank water your entire life, it gave you what you needed but was nothing special. Then one day you found (insert favorite drink here) and you instantly knew. So never stop looking but never settle because he is out there looking for you.

Good attitude. It doesn't take someone else to complete you....find another giver like yourself, instead of a taker. That way, you both live for seeing the other's needs first.

Not an expert, but that seems like pretty smart thinking. After all, nobody knows you like you do.