VERY Funny

I typed in I am celebate and the computer said I was the first person to have that experience.  That is very funny.

Well since I began a new experience, all I can say is that is is a good thing.  Every person who is not married, should try it.

I am not lonesome or anything.  I am actually very happy to be saving it for the one man who is worthy. 

No, I am not looking for a date. 

Lauriah Lauriah 41-45, T 3 Responses May 3, 2008

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Hi Lauriah,

Be encouraged that there is a place for celibacy in the world. We each are called to different paths. The Orthodox Christians have a pretty profound understanding of this esp. the monastics. You can be celibate in marraige (ie faithful) too. It was very interesting to read about the letters..... Is there someplace that explains that in more detail?

The meaning of gender has always interested me. Archbishop Puhalo Lazar has some very insightful writings on how the genders iconically participate in the revelation of God and his people. ie. the male/female relationship when we participate in it as designed shows the creator/creation relationship, and also the Christ/church relationship.

Well i am happy to say that i am still celebate and i did not cheat. I really am still celebate and i am not desperate. I do not want to have a relationship with a man who is not FULLY committed to our ABBA in heaven and to me.

Having any other type of relationship to me is enough to make me sick.

I had no idea how good life could be as a single person! I wish i had know that before my last failed relationship, and the one before that, and the one before that....

So many times i survived being broken, but today i am whole and i am complete.

Praise the One Who called me out of my sinful selfish lifestyle and showed me the meaning of what love is supposed to be.

Jewish people look at life differently. They have more intimate relationships. I think our Creator blessed them with a certain sensitivity that most do not have. Unfortunately they quit looking for an ever greater intimacy than even their traditions could never share.

Some time soon Jews and Christians will connect, but not through peace.

Jews have a little insight on marraige that I'd like to share quickly.

The creator's actual name is formed with the ;ettets YOOD, HEY, VAV, HEY in short YHWH.

The title "man" and the title "woman" together have all the letters contained in HaShem (the Name).

When those letters are removed the YOOD HEY, VAV, HEY, what remains is the letters that form the word FIRE.

When a woman bring her (2 letters) and the man brings his (2 letters) they form a perfect union.

When a man bring his (other letters) and the woman brings her (other letters) what is left is firey strife.

The Hebrew language is in itself a gift and many Jews are privilaged to know it, or at least hear stories from their ancestors about it.