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Isn't the correct spelling "celibate"? Anyway-I was 41 when I lost my virginity. I believe sex is a human need, but I also believe that it should be "special"-meaning someone you have a connection with, someone you're involved with. I don't believe in that **** of saving it until marriage; I believe marriage is becoming obsolete. After just having gotten out of a relationship with a man-celibacy is the right thing. Sex is a human need, but sex can also twist and mess things up.
mistressmonique mistressmonique 46-50, F 2 Responses Mar 10, 2012

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I agree with some of your points. Sex should be special, but what makes it special may be different for all of us. The connection that you talk about could be both or either physical and/or spiritual to make the sex special. Sex is a physical yearning. Have you ever met someone that you may not really know and thought to yourself " I desperately want to have sex with that person". It can happen more often than you think and for a multitude of reasons. Don't analyze it too much, go with the instinct.

Very nice story. Congratulation. I like it.