By Choice, And Only For A While

After my relationship ended I made this decision. Hey... I am NOT a nun or anything, and I am sure I will get together with another guy at some point.

But for now... I am taking care of ME.

No one else in my life.... it's simpler... neater... easier.

For now.

Although I must admit... batteries are expensive.
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
26-30, F
7 Responses Jan 18, 2013


Awesome. I am very proud of you.As a very sexual man who broke up with my gf, I am learning to prioritize my goals too. I treasure emotional stability in a Lady more so that a pretty face and body. Intellectual stimulation over rules sexual gratification. I am not sure when I will be involved again but I will be sure she will be compatable in a lot more ways than I previously desired. NYC has many opportunities to share with people and contrary to popular belief, Staten Island is full of life. I know . I grew up here all of mine!

there are 110 volt devices that accomplish the same purpose and will run till you stop paying your electric bill.

Talk about Ever Ready

Rechargeable vibrators! Good to be celibate every now and again to step back from it all to pick and choose who you want.

well, truthfully, if you don't take care of yourself , you really can't take care of someone else. So enjoy yourself and soon someone will find you.

Wow, I'd forgotten how much I missed you and your wit! Batteries :-)...

It sounds like you had a rough patch. I'm glad to find you back on The Experience Project.