Im eighteen, I was with my current ex for 2 years. We broke up and I haven't slept with anybody. I don't want to nor feel the need to. I thought alot about this and feel like it would be more important to wait till marriage. My ex and I still talk, he ask's why and this and that, and I don't deserve to be questioned.. He should say OK. and be understanding, but now he thinks im "Getting it somewhere else." Im doing this for me not for him.


What made my mind about this is that when we were breaking up he said some nasty things to me, so I thought about it, and made a decicion that makes me happy. It's been 7 months and im happy!! =] The longest I have gone without it was a year, so we'll see. Pray for me!!!!

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Yes a year n a half over here

I am praying for you! I can't imagine sex without love. So it may take sometime before you fall in love and want to have sex again. But what do I know I'm still a virgin! LOL! (true though)