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27 Years of Marriage!!

Today is my husband and my wedding anniversary!!I remember people telling us that we would not make it and to be honest we almost did'nt more than a few times.Between his being an alcoholic and me being a pothead,we were just two very broken people trying to survive in this world,him using alcohol and me using weed to cover our emotional pain .I always knew I loved this man and I knew he loved me but we had our problems.This sounds strange but it was'nt until after my husband first stroke that things started going crazier than they were,I also turned my life to GOD.In between 2004 and early 2008 between my husband and myself,he suffered 3 strokes and 2 seizures,I suffered through a nervous breakdown and PTSD.GOD kept me from totally losing my sanity,which I felt that I either did for awhile or came very close to it.My husband and I have been through hell and back,with GOD right there with us.I am very proud to say that my husband is my best friend,my lover,my everything.He can't work anymore because of his strokes,I had to become the head of household because of his short term memory problems.But thats OK,I made it through my breakdown and PTSD,GOD helped me,so now I take care of my husband and he takes care of me.There is no human in this world that I feel closer to and love more than my husband.We are also clean and sober now going on 4 and a half years,to me it's like we got a second chance at life with each other,I love you babe!!!

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 5 Responses Dec 26, 2008

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A great story. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

Fantastic story well done both of you, my wife & I are married today for 27 years, we were simular failed business me Mr Ambitious, she just supported me throughout the crap! ups's and downs but, we are still there, we are lucky, we both have relatively good health,

Great that you are both Soul mates, great news,


Hi singer1960,thank you for commenting on my story.I'm happy for you and your husband,it's so beautiful to have one person in our lives to help us get through the rough stuff.To have that connection and love.After what we have both been through and in the same 4 years,I think,(I was going to say I know but I changed my mind,because in this world we never know)I think that we can just about conquer anything as long as we have each other to love and get through it together!!

Me and mine are getting close to 29 years...Well we have been living together 29 years....and soon will hit the legal 29 year mark.....I know what you say about the bad makes the good so much better....(boy did that one sound real dorky.....sorry) But the times that me and he look on the most with a smile are the bad times.....For it gives us a reason to go on......I mean we look at each other and say....This time is not so bad....We have been through worse....ANd we are still here...

Thank you coyotegray,I look back on that horrible rollercoaster ride that we were on.Things are so much better now,we finally got off that crazy ride!!