I Believe In Celibacy

Yes, That's true and I am not crazy. I am a perfectly normal and healthy 22 yrs old guy. I don't know why I think like that, but I find it very cheap and animal-like.

Animals know no self - restraint. but Man is different. He is capable of taking wise decisions.

However, I don't hate people who do it. Most of my friends are married. I know it's a normal thing and there's nothing wrong in doing that. but it's just not for me. I don't understand how people can waste so much time in this thing. They can do something creative. I would prefer reading a book, going out, exploring new places instead of  thinking about sex.

I don't want that kind of satisfaction. I don't want any impure thoughts in my mind. When I help others, their smile gives me great happiness. I don't need any physical pleasures.

This is the choice I have made. and I am very happy about it. Now I find myself very clean, my heart is pure and now I feel blessed.

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22-25, M
8 Responses May 18, 2010

Nice to hear others have made the same decision I did - I kind of feel like a freak sometimes because I don't hear about too many other people who've chosen this lifestyle - thanks for sharing!!!

the world will think of us as a freak. but we shouldn't care about them. very few people chose this lifestyle. but this is really good. and it feels great. I wish people knew its advantages.

Thnks. but I am yet to attain any kind of wisdom. I still make lot of childish errors. but I am learning. and this will never end.

Smart person,sex is mostly 90 some percent in the brain which control the lower parts. You are in touch with your soul. Sounds like your mind, body and spirit are in sinc

thanks all of you. :) I guess lots of people are turning to celibacy these days. This is what god wants from us.

I believe for some people yes it is, but not all. Sex is also a gift from God between two married people and in that context, sex is meant to express your love for each other and to also have children. So sex in that sense can be a positive thing. :)

You are my hero...the world needs more guys like you. :)

i feel that going celibate was one of the better decisions i made in my life also. sex was becoming a negative thing in my life and i have felt much better now that the negativity has been removed.


thanks. it's one of the best decisions in my life.