Trying Celibacy

I have a very addictive personality. The internet is a crutch to act out all of my bad habits 90 % of the time I am surfing for inappropriate images of a sexual nature. I guess the main reasons are: bordom, its also a way of procrastinating, self-righteous justification as to what I make myself believe I need at whatever moment. I think I may need to stop using the internet in the privacy of my home; may be a public venue would be more appropriate. I always argue with myself that it would be so inconvenient but I said the same thing prior to selling my car to use public transit. It turns out that that was a total lie that public transit was actually more beneficial in alot of ways. I believe I need to remove this internet from my private dwelling b/c its like I'm a guy trying to get off the bottle and I continously stock up my fridge with beer thinking that that is going to encourage me to stop drinking. Therefore, tonight (I have wasted my whole weekend on useless m/b) I will commit myself by Wednesday to pay my Internet Bill and remove it from my home that's commitment 1.

Commitment 2: Stay Celibate indefinitely. If I relapse after a period so be it a
good period of sexual sobriety is better than a equal period of active someone
haphazard and reckless sexual acting out. However, I will make every effort to stay
sexually sober on a daily basis.

Commitment 3: I will pray every morning

Commitment 4: Join A group Sex Addicts Anonymous Group

Commitment 5: Help people , be of service to people 25 % of my time.

That will be difficult I am very, very self-involved but I will try.

Commitment 6: get up at 6:00 am every morning
and exercise 6 days a week.

Commitment 7: eat fish and vegetables, fruit, oatmeal diet, whole grain, fibre.
no junk food, and no red meat.
Although some may see it as irrelevant I believe that replacing the acting out with healthy habits and
putting controls on my behaviour is a good thing.



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5 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Ok so let's think about this....If I understand this...You're having sex with your computer....the problem is not SEX~ it's your isolation and your passionate non intimacy with a inhuman piece of equipment that is filled with exciting images. This used to be achieved by looking at Hustler, PLayboy and Penthouse....Sex is not the evil thing you make it out to be, it's actually very healthy and normal when done with care and consideration ~ descretion and joy. Everyone claims to be an addict of something now, don't fall for it. If you overeat, you will be fat, if you over gamble you will be broke, if you over spend you won't be able to pay your bills, if you over drink, you won't be able to function at your work...If you whack off too much...nothing will happen except you might be spending so much time on this that you don't meet anyone to actually have sex WITH. Go out and form real relationships and be intimate with real people that you care about, when you're ready ....who knows you might even fall in love....eating healthy is always good and sensible. A single man of your age naturally has keen sexual desires, it's not awful, it's called nature. You need a special person to share your desires with, it's OK to feel sexual, it's part of a normal life.

David it sounds like you are making a real change. Good for you man - don't listen to anyone who tries to drag you back... it's not about you, it's about them.<br />
<br />
You've listed a lot of things to change here and I think they will all help you, but when I made changes in my life like this it took me time and I ended up having to be more gradual than I thought (something in my "rebelled" otherwise). You might be stronger than I was, though.<br />
<br />
Just remember the old saying, "A saint is just a sinner who never gave up."<br />
<br />
I'd be interested to hear how it's going. I'm deciding to be celibate too.

Now that's a good post! You have just given me a bit of faith in my fellow man.

may be you should accept who you are and deal with it..... I was pretty much in a sexless marriage....<br />
and I was bitter..... trying not to desire anything.... they kick me out of the house cause my bitterness...<br />
I went into feeling like crap and trying to fix my marriage for several month... then I went into crazy dating... (something that I did not think of doing before) and then I went to visit Chile around the time of the earthquake..... where I saw and old friend who I found out was as crazy as me.... with the sex thing... Now we are into a relationship..... and I feel pretty happy....<br />
<br />
Why don't you try to find a women who has same interest than you, reduce a little the beer drinking.... a just be responsible at work so you have a job the rest of helping people will come along with your hapiness......

Why not invest in a hair shirt while you're at it?