Sex Rocks, But...

It complicates things entirely too much.  And right now, in my life, I really do not need complication.  I need simple.  So giving up sex is one way to do that.  Sort of.  It's not easy.  Especially since there is one person that I very much enjoy having sex with.  But sex with him really does complicate things even more.  So I'm giving that up.  Or at least trying to.  This is an ongoing process, the whole celibacy thing.  Not a pass/fail thing, but more of a do it better next time sort of thing.  At least for me.

It's not about belief that sex should only be reserved for marriage or commitment or whatever.  I have no problem with casual, no-strings-attached sex.  Of course, I also thing that casual, no-strings-attached sex is much more difficult to come by than most people realize.  Most people are hard-wired to form attachments, especially attachments where sex is concerned.  Those one of the reasons I'm giving up sex.  Because I've had the wrong people get attached to me way too many times; and I've gotten attached to the wrong people one too many times.

So here I am, trying to give it up.  Working on it.  Not easy, but still trying.
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2 Responses May 2, 2011

Oh it's funny to hear the other side of the coin. I have a partner with which the sexual situation shouldn't be complicated but I can't have sex or any intimacy for that matter. I'm married and my wife and I are working through issues. Resolving those issues is my priority but the lack of sex is very difficult for me both physically and emotionally. I refuse to cheat on her and I don't believe in casual sex or one-night-stands. I am definitely one of those 'hard wired' people so I'm stuck in a very unhappy, and lonely situation.<br />
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I agree with you. If you don't want complications, I would avoid casual sex completely. But please consider that if you do have casual sex, make sure your partner is truly a believer in it, otherwise what is a mere complication for you ends up as emotional pain for them.

it does have a way of complicating things, i agree. as far as casual encounters, if that's what others want to do, fine but i got very bored with it.