Married For 3 Years Without Sex

Neither of us intend to do it. It would turn the balance of our relation upside down, what was normal would become awkward. And i would lose my best friend. You do not need sex to feel love or to know how important your partner is to you.
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4 Responses Oct 18, 2011

If I decide to marry again, this is what I would want. I felt very used and not listened to in my marriage. <br />
" I pay the bills so you owe me sex. (although technically I worked 40+ hours,self couldn't afford to pay me)No more legal prostitution for me, thanks.

Well.... That set-up certainly wouldn't work for me! =) You two belong together <3

Good they found each other and not us! lol.

I'm glad to see they've worked it out without bloodshed. I couldn't guarantee I'd be so gracious...

Isnt that a bit frustrating sometimes?

I find it disturbing that that turns me on

if you're not sure about your husband, honey, you're kidding yourself about that best friend business and probably his lack of desire for the sex, too. but you've got him well trained. been there, done that. you should try listening sometime and being sure before saying "neither of us intend to do it".

That's a terrible thing to say frogguy, unlike the Lochness Monster and Bigfoot, asexual men really do exist. They really really do. Aven was founded by one. The trick is....actually finding have to beat off (no pun intended) a lot of brutes before you find one.

o_O you just made me feel a whole lot less weird about being a virgin. Thanks.