Celibate By Choice


I recently made the decision to abstain from sex until
I am married.

The father of my child treats me like his ***** on
the side. He has a girlfriend but every so often
He will text me and say sexual things and send
Dirty pics. We haven't done anything physical
But I usually fall into his trap by saying nasty things
Back because I confuse our strong physical/sexual connection
With love. But he has already told me that he is
In love with his Gf. Which made realize that he only sees
me as a sexual object. It hurts because I know I offer more

I'm tired of making the mistake of giving myself/my body
to someone who will not cherish it.

I love this decision because it will weed at the fake
People who are in it for one thing. I'm excited
about this journey. I'm 7 months sober. I have
kept away from **** as well.
daffygurl04 daffygurl04
1 Response May 23, 2012

i made the same choice for the reasons you mentioned. relationships ba<x>sed on sex alone got pretty old and tired for me and i decided not to shortchange myself any longer and i'm no worse off for my decision. in fact, i think it's one of the better decisions i've made in my life.