Not Frigid

I've been celebate for several years. Nothing planned. No overwhelming religious reasons other than not feeling the need to sleep with everyone I meet. I been down that road and made peace with the mistakes made in the sexual arena.

I know that I'm attractive, desirable and well loved. So when I do make love it will be because I want to. And I'll derive pleasure from every second as it was predestined to be.
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Is pleasure predestined?

Usually your writing evokes joy and intrigue--even anticipation. Yet, if it is all predetermined, without needing to explore and to care about each other--if even the thoughtful exploration and joyful caring is predetermined--I suddenly feel a bit lost. Can you understand this sense of loss?

What is happening with you?

I've had a few nibbles, lots of fun trying but no matches. I can't find a partner to keep up with me,..LOL I've been told I'm too frisky. I love sex. What can I say? And my audiences can tell when I do my poetry readings...:-)

Your capacity for joy makes me happy.
Are you saying that your writing and reading has magical effect generally: not just with me?

People like listening to my work. I write about a variety of topics. And, depending on the crowd, read the sensual ones. So funny. My last show made more than a few guys publically confess how horny I made them...:-)

More than a few guys .... each aroused to profess his quest for your favor .... ..... Seems you create a wonderful stirring of focused energy. What is a poet to do?

With so much professed interest in your favor,

My decision not to become involved was easy. When approached, there was a either the mention of a significant other or said significant other was standing there squeezing the life out of the poor guy's hand or arm. What to do in that situation other than thank them for the compliments and walk away...

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That is a very healthy attitude. Because you make love when you truly want to, it will be all the better for it.

Love, not sex, is missing from the act in many cases. Anyone can ****. It takes feeling, skill, desire to love

Absolutely, Making love just gets better and better.

just sex can be good too, if that's all one wants...