My Body Is My Temple!!!

I am a 27 yo seperated mother of 3, so of course I am not a virgin. I am going through a divorce, which will be finalized in a month tops, and have chosen celibacy for many reasons. After my seperation I got intimately involved with a guy and then I realized, he isn't part of my long-term future, and we had nothing in common, so we agreed to go our seperate ways. After months of careful deliberating, planning, quizzing, and praying I realized I wanted to be celibate. I am not the type to just give my body to anybody and with the diseases and dangers of laying down with just anyone I figured since I wasn't having sex, why not just go all the way. I pledged celibacy to myself and God and I have been much happier and I have had alot more self-esteem. Now when a guy wants my number or to take me out I straight up tell him my choice and it has made quite a few change their minds. I find myself no longer wasting my time trying to get to know someone who is just after getting to know where my spot is. Since my decision I have also found my spark, my sparkle, my love of life again. I have realized, in my case, that by making this choice I am truly happy again. I find myself not being pulled into meaningless bullcrap with meaningless people and I am living without having to concentrate on the complicated extra. I am not looking for love, that will happen in its time, but I am patiently awaiting the day I meet someone who will truly want to get to know the real me, quirks and all, that will respect this very special and sacred vow, and that will allow love to come before the other. Until then celibacy is my passage to a happier, healthier, more stunning me.
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I agree with you regarding celibacy. Sex complicates and stops a relationship. For deeper connection, we need to remove sexy from the "getting to know you" stage of relationships. Sex is for marriage as God designed it. I love my sanity and sex must wait.

Im sure that is really awesome thoughts but your still young and when the right one would knock in your heart let it come and try dont deny that to yourself and well it needs love of course to seal it for future and for being together not only because both of you wanted to be together,im sure theres always someone else for everybody not a PERFECT MAN but The Very Best One for sure...Happy Holiday and Happy New Year My Dearest Friends.