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I write this story, not to sexualize myself even further, because I feel that I already do that too much on this website..... I write this story to show you who the real Brittany is, "behind the curtain", so to speak.

I get on this site and speak sexually often, and I do so to get the feelings and everything OUT so that I don't have sex in real life, plus, flirting just comes naturally to me with the right people. There are quite a few reasons I don't have's complicated.

Things aren't always as they seem....You may have judged me by my slutty persona on here, but I am far from that in real life. It is not that I am afraid of sex or that I don't love sex, and what I wrote about having multiple ******* is true. It is possible to have multiple ******* without sex, the same way that it is possible to know that you are bi or gay without having had sex with someone of the same gender.

I was even in a two and a half year relationship during this time, and he lived with me for 2 of those years.  I told him what the deal was going in to the relationship, and though he protested at first, he eventually came to thank me for not having sex with him and for showing him true intimacy and trustworthiness. I am not a virgin, and I intend to have sex again, but with the right person this time, one who really, really loves me and wants to have sex that comes that doesn't have to be secret or done in a dark room.

It may not matter to you, but I thought you should know....I am not as I may seem at times. Get to know me.....
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Good for you girlie :3 I'm proud of ya

aww thanks bb

Loved your story and will be reading your others :)

thank you so much!

Respect ;)

not as much as i respect you, promise. <3

It doesn't matter people always judge you, it's great the you express who you are really.

aw, thanks kid xD

I liked this..honest and sincere.
Perhaps we will become friends one day..

aw thank you. i thought we already were friends!

I may have answered a question or two, I can't recall but I am not in your circle.
And we haven't spoken.. but you do seem nice. :)

thank you..then someone must have a very similar name to you, bc i couldve sworn you were in my circle before!

I am celibate also. My wife banned sex 27 years ago after being raped. "All men are animals" and that included me.

**** im so sorry to hear that :( you deserve better!

I can relate to this. I know how difficult it can be at times (for me it is hell and I dont do so well). I wish I could have a little of your strength.

aww you're sweet, thank you. not sure how i am JUST NOW SEEING THIS!

Come now what's the fun in doing it in a dark room? I want the lights on so I can drink in her body and see where I have to park my 18 wheeler . . . oops TMI


LOL :-)

i'm with you though! dark AND light!!

Perfectly fair. The world is over sexualized, it is good to cool things down
Speaking as one who has lots of sexual content here, but wants.normal conversations with real people, I can see the contradiction.
Good post.

thank you...i totally agree that we are so concerned with selling goods that we will go to the ends of the earth to sell sex right along with it. we give up our most precious things to the masses.....i have learned several personal lessons regarding this.

Oh no, I have no way of communicating with you :(

The goal of seduction is that someone wants to have sex with you of their own free will (which is another way of saying consent). This is the difference between seduction and coercion. Coercion is about trying to take someone’s free will out of the equation and get them to do something they don’t want in order to avoid some unethical negative consequence. Coercion: someone doesn’t want to do X, but you find some way to make them do it anyway. Seduction (and any form of ethical persuasion): you set things up so that they want to do X in the first place.your right to choose the right person next time :)

oh absolutely. huge difference!

great point!!!! Would love to chat!

thank you:)

Thanks for letting all of us behind ur curtains... allllll of us

hahahahahahahahahaha nooo one gets back here except very very special boys:)

It sounds like you are actively making choices about your sexuality.....better that than to engage without thought.

thank you so much; yeah it's not always easy, but i feel much more in control now.

Sex is always so much more meaningful when you can look into the eyes of your lover and see the happiness and intimacy you bring into each others lives.


That's smart and healthy.

thank you, i really appreciate that. it's not the easiest thing to do at times:-P

Nice to read your story.. I wish you get your other half soon..

thank you very much! i was confused by your msg yesterday, btw.

I totally agree, things are not what they seem. I used to send nude pictures to people before and they assumed I was a "****" when I have never even had sex before in my life.

haha THAT sounds familiar...when i was raped of my virginity at the age of 22 (i was saving myself for marriage), my mom said that i had "spread my legs". and when my boyfriend of 2.5 years and i were living together for 2 of those years and DIDN'T EVEN MESS AROUND, she called me a *****. so i know where you're coming from!

Thats great. These types of things are what ultimately make a real relationship. To many people are rushing into relationships and hoping for love. I'm glad you think this way and i feel you on the whole naturally being flirty thing. It happens to me as well. Hope you find that special some one.

aw thank you for the kind comment...i hope i do too:)

Thanks for adding me by the way, Now i can read more of your stories. I like the way you write and how your so sincere.

wow thank you so much! it takes one to know one, i suppose. anytime:)

I like this and I also know what the mind can do, and what it can satisfy. I have not read anything else about you, but from this you sound like an intelligent woman. If you ever want to have a decent chat with someone, message me.

that means a lot to me, thank you...i'd love to talk to you sometime:)

I'm looking forward to it!! :-)

This is the place to share things that well there is no other place...**** what anybody thinks..i want to ********** in front of a group of women..that i know! Because of te ep i have had sex with people watching ..good stuff i say relax newd

Me to but for different reasons.

awesome, care to share?

Sure, why not. I can't be with the women here because it's not natural for me to be. Women here want a man from here, and any relationship with me would probably break down pretty quickly. I have genes in me from some parallel earth that gave skewed everything about me slightly from what's normal here. I can't explain what it's like. I understand why people don't believe in stuff like this but I lived through it, saw and felt it and it's ongoing.

same. ^_^

wow, good for you! how do you feel now?

As far as curvy women go? I love all things women. I only love the one i am with. No one right now. As far as being slutty on ep...everyone needs an outlet for thier alter ego. Their extreme side to show. Im glad you are planning to have sex again. As much fun as i have with myself i want to find someone i trust to explore sex with.

oh trust me...i plan on having sex again hehe..i just want to give it to someone who truly GETS me, you know?

I would love to be someone you learn enough about to rejoin yhe ranks of sex starved idiots with..whew i was concerned you had given up! I have nt placed my lips on female flesh in over a year! Now im worried about me! My hand is pissed off! I will jump if you will!

Freaking y and t

You must have high standards or are very patient :-) I blame the internet, I can flirt like a good un online but in the real world its a different story!

i have both high standards and patience, yes. but i don't blame the internet bc i do just fine in real life:-P

You mean the intenet is not real? Now I know where I have been going wrong lol

lol:-P sometimes i think you can fall in love online far more easily if what the person is saying is real. it's deeper that way bc u are without the superficiality....

Its easier for people to talk about how they are feeling because they cannot see the other person lol. Particularly if they do not really believe they will ever actually meet!

i definitely smell what you're steppin' in:)

I've got no sense of smell and I wear glasses so I always get drawn in lol

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i wrote the sex talk everywhere else:-P that's why i wrote this story at all, to offset it!



i made that comment ages ago...



Go girl! Just be what you are.

why thankee!!

I like !!

thank you!


*clinks glasses*