Not by choice, but for all intensive purposes I am celibate.  There I said it.  You know what it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would to admit that.  So...I got that going for me.    

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My wife and I are "actively celebate." We play with each other a lot but don't have intercourse. Does that count? ;-))

feeling better about myself has been a huge benefit, something i did't always feel when i was "active"

Celibacy does have a few benefits, jerrica. Only a few though.

i see nothing wrong with choosing celibacy over continuing relationships that were unsatisfactory, unfulfilling and leave you feeling emptier than ever, used and viewed as nothing more than a sexual plaything. give me celibacy anyday over feeling like that.

Granted, I would not willingly choose celibacy, but I have chosen at this time to remain as such.

Sometimes things that aren't of our choosing that cause pain and suffering can be used as a tool to sharpen our minds. And other times, we create our own pain and suffering for the same purpose.<br />
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I find that even just pretending that this is a choice, rather than something thrust upon us and be empowering and useful. Not everyone, though, agrees with this approach.

Coyotegray, I am just embracing the current situation by seeking a different form of clarity. I see this detour in the road of desire as a time of learning and further personal growth. I, too have chosen this imposed celibacy. Clearly, I am fully aware of how to change the situation, I currently choose to embrace what is. Whether this may be a temporary drought or a more permanent drought, I do know how to bring water to the well should the situation become necessary. It has been an extremely long time since I let anyone control my sexual being, I have grown much wiser and stronger since then.<br />
Man of mountains--I do think the key lays in an adventure!<br />
Josie--Welcome. I hope your stay is as long or as short as you wish it.

Very good, thank you. I do believe I'm there too. It sounds much better than the alternative.

Travel cures it! hahahaha

Welcome aboard, Brut. Care to join me in a cocktail?

yeah...I'm on that luxury liner too...

I must disagree Mel, I am hoping to find some clarity. <br />
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As far as a "little friend" I consider 'that' to be a lonely solution.

I am working towards embracing celibacy. One day at a time.

There are Taoist exercises. I'm not sure that I have links, but some Taoists claim that this is one of the keys to a very long, healthy life.<br />
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But if this isn't something that you are embracing, maybe you are better off finding a way to end the celibacy.

Phaellus--specific exercises for this very situation? Do tell.<br />
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Mel--my question exactly!

There are exercises to re-direct this energy and use it.

I am trying to re-route the energy that seems at times to consume me. Next will be to re-route the thoughts.

I try to embrace the benefits of celibacy.

It doesn't seem to bother him. Therefore he is doing nothing about it.

hey, I'm good as it gets right now. kind of in the same boat as you, only just since May. Just kind of stopped one day...<br />
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Maybe I should tell you about it in a message...

Hey Jack!!!! Long time no hear!!!! Hello!!!<br />
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I wasn't sharing as much as I was admitting. Getting it out there, laying it on the line, calling a spade a spade, so to speak. I am not sure what good it will do me, but I felt better stating it, so that is something. <br />
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How are you? ((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))

so, um, is there a reason you're willing to share?

Nancy is WAY over due!!!!! (You rhymed,cute)

I think Nancy Drew is overdue.

90 degrees and climbing, no rain in a month...hey the weather sounds much like my condition...I could plaster pictures all over I am still invisible.

Does my husband know???!!! Ah, that would be a big YES! (sorry, that kind of cracked me up, Mel, that and the intend to keep this up, that kind of cracked me up too *giggling) Okay, me bad. <br />
<br />
What are you suggesting I do?