You Are All Strong People.

I am amazed some people are so strong, especially peole who are celibate.I could not do it,I enjoy it in my relationships too much. More power to all of you who can,I admire you.
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I'm celibate by choice after many years of going in and out of relationships and having casual sex with various partners. I've never felt more free and find celibacy a breeze after the anxiety filled disasters that are romantic relationships for me. I would have to be strong to have a sex life I think and plan to stay celibate fo a long time, if not indefintitely. Works for me.

It's actually a lifestyle, like being hetero or homo sexual. I was celibate/ virgin into my mid twenties. Met a man, got married, got divorced 14 years later, and am celibate again for 2 years. I'm attracted to men, but have no desire for sex. I didn't desire it with my ex, but thought it to be the ultimate way to prove love(wrong, wrong, and more wrong) Just ended up miserable and feeling used. Of course that wasn't our only problem, but didn't help matters.

That is EXACTLY how I feel! I am SO attracted to men, but desire for sex is I'm not into it, and I guess that's probably why I'm still single, and am staying single. It's frustrating, not being able to find one single man that understands that.


i am always celibate between relationships. i can't have meaningless sex with anyone or one night stands, that's just me. other people are different but i find i am only ready for a relationship again when i tire of my own personal growth. i'm going through something so depressing and hard in my romantic life at the moment that i see permanent abstinence on the cards soon. i'm in my 30s and sad that it has come to this but it has. sometimes it does not take strength of character or any kind of magnificence to become celibate by choice - sometimes it is driven towards people via nasty life circumstances and too much emotional pain.

My partner died, 4 years ago... She was the one who was strong ! She asked for life ending, because her pains became unbearable, under full pain treatment. She wanted to go, while still concious....

It's not by choice, we don't enjoy it and it's not a question of being strong, we have no choice at the moment so what else should we do? Just inform our spouse we want a divorce? Not that easy, but trust me, I've thought about that more than once. <br />
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My wife has almost no emotions whatsoever.... why did I marry her? I deluded myself into thinking I could deal with it. I thought here I am a middle aged, underemployed man with few job prospects, who the hell would want me? <br />
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I made my bed, etc.

But all people are different. So it could be not-wanted for you, and just natural for another person. That is not a question of beeing strong.... its about beeing different !