Tick Tock

I've been celibate now for four years.

I'm not celibate due to 'nature' as I'm attractive, outgoing, lots of friends etc but came to a point in my life when my faith became the most important thing, and i made some fundamental life decisions.

It involved me splitting up with my 5 year girlfriend, selling my house (as i was living with her), quitting my job, and refocusing my life on the path less travelled.  Find it really hard as there are a few girls who want to have a sexual relationship with me (plus they're both good looking), but I find that i'm growing more as a person now that I have that clarity of heart.

That's not to say, I'll always be celibate as I may get married if the right girl comes along - I just know now how i want to act and relate to people, and not let sex be a controlling factor in how i act with people.

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I'm encouraged by reading that<br />
Sounds like you're on the right track my friend

Wow, you sound amazingly grounded. Whatever relationship you have formed with your God has driven you to do what is right, not what is easy. He must be incredibly proud of you.

The best bit about it is that when you save yourself for that one and only person it means that its all that more meaningful, loving, and respectful.x