Can I Do This?

can i really do this and for how long? it seems like now that i decided to stop having sex men r kinda throwing themselves at me. like last week my friend decided after all this time now he wants to have sex with me and ive been wanting him since my first day of class. im trying to work on self control and even though i fooled around with him i did not have sex with him but it doesnt mean i still wont. now thats all i can think about.
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5 Responses Aug 21, 2007

hmmm---if this catches on; abortions will be way down. its such a scandalous, dirty rotten shame that ppl who know they do not want kids cant either be celibate or use, like, three different kinds of birth control. instead--the unborn baby pays for ppl's cold thoughtlessness.<br />
i did not commit to celibacy, but am single, cautious and ultra-choosy!!<br />
carry on!!

yea i agree. we might as well if we cant get anything else from it. what we really want

i've been celibate for 6 years now because i plain got tired of men who want all the benefits without giving anything in return. after playing this game since i was 15,i was tired of being taken advantage of. i would to have sex again but not if it means more of the same. if all a man wants is p***y, then he can pay me!

Whenever we try to do something good, this is what happens. The important thing is to do the good thing anyway.<br />
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Good luck!

If you ask me celibacy is a waste. But as it is your decision and not mine, I wish you luck on it.<br />
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Just fight the power! Guys are going to pursue you more for that fact alone, that you have rendered yourself something they can not have. If you do decide to break your celibacy, dont do it with one of them.