Am I Not Normal?

i have been celibate for 8 months. it has not been easy in some ways because i have the most exotic friend that constantly talks about how great sex is and stuff so those days are hard.other times i am glad because i have never been a fan of sex it has been more pain than pleasure to me, i only found pleasure in it when i was with my first love because even though he didnt satisfy me most of the time i was satisfied just by pleasing him.from we broke up from our 3 year relationship i waited a year then had sex once again with my boy best freind it was such a terrible mistake he was brutal it felt like i was getting raped.after that i vowed never to do it again unless i really loved this new person and found them to be very compromising and willing to please me and be pleased.

kikio kikio
18-21, F
3 Responses Oct 20, 2009

You may wnat to look up asexual too

thanks for the comment gingerhead

that's actually pretty normal for most girls. especially at a young age, and most women it's they same way. i read this article saying that 50% of women won't have an ****** ever in their lifetime. a lot of chicks lie and act as if they like sex so much, but really they are just wanting attention from guys. also, it's not wonder a lot of chicks truly aren't that sexual, ya know a guy's sex drive is over 20 time stronger than the average womans. so yeah, there's nothing weird about not liking sex that much.