Is Celebacy A Lifestyle?

We had a fabulous love life until my daughters grew up with feminist ideas of how Pat should treat me .

Pat has two gay siblings and I have always accepted that she is on the cusp. After a family revolt when I the "Godfather " was usurped, all sex was withdrawn. I just think that Pat does not have the love to give to me and her daughters and grandchildren and I have paid the price!

She is the most wonderful person and she encourages me to go out and find another woman and extend myself rather than wallow in self pity. I feel like the son she never had!

My story is long and convoluted and takes place in four countries across the globe . It is a good story how can I give it a happy ending from my perspective?.


Olivertwisted Olivertwisted
61-65, M
Feb 11, 2010