I am called to celibacy and know it's a spiritual gift on the Bible, but don't find much teaching or others who are not Catholic that feel that way.  Yet, I can't be Catholic because of some theological disagreements on other things like purgatory.  I am a Christian non Catholic.  Why do Protestant churches not teach this?  I feel this is a gift that should be supported like marriage, but you hear nothing about it.  Any other Protestants who are celibate out there?

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I'm celibate, but not by choice and it certainly is not a religious doctrine I would be interested in. And I'm thinking of giving up on Monogamy as well. Neither one of those things are particularly appealing to me. And they're not really working out very well either.

Well, I'm not Protestant or even Christian for that matter, but you are right that there is very little support for Chaste people who are non-Catholic. I am a lot like you in terms of being "called" to Chastity and being at odds with the Catholic Church. I grew up in the Catholic Church but I am not Catholic today because I disagree with some of the church's doctrine. I am currently working on a project dealing with Chastity as a way of life and I am interested in getting different perspectives from people whose religion or culture traditionally does not support such a choice. I am especially interested in getting the Protestant Evangelical perspective, because I have seen quite a few Protestants just like you across the Internet who would be really interested in hearing about issues that concern them.