In The Night 2.

Suddenly I awake in the instituion once again.
My heart is racing and beating.
I feel someone is watching me.
I look at the window the curtains are open.
Heightening my anxiety.
I turn to my roomate fast asleep in her bed.
Cursing her for leaving the curtains open.
Making me face the demons in the night.
I can't move.
My body still.
Still from the fear of what be.
Minutes feel like hours.
Seconds feel like generations.
Praying for someone to save me from myself.
The door cracks open.
I see a flash light maybe.
My heart beating so fast I think I might have a heart attack.
I hide under the covers.
Peeking to look my enemy in the eyes.
"Hello, are you okay? " he says
I take a deep breath.
Calming down
Realizing it's a counsler.
I nodd my head.
The door closes behind him.
I close my eyes and fall fast asleep as sudden as I had woke.
Things that happen in the night 2.

KraziiKitti KraziiKitti
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012