In A Nutshell

Hearing your stories is valuable for me, so I thought I would share mine just in case it hits a nerve with someone else.
I just turned 42 and by all accounts, I have what some would call a "pretty good" life. I've checked off many of those "boxes" you are supposed to by the time you reach this stage of life. I did fairly well in school, went off to (name of good-sized public university with a good basketball team), participated in extra-curricular activities, graduated, jumped into a career, got married, bought a house in the suburbs, adopted two cats and had two children.
There, you have done everything society has asked of you, go be happy and satisfied.
In the interest of full disclosure, while I'm still married, I did change careers to something that a highly trained professional told me that I would love and have success with. So, I'm working in a field I chose (this time) and I should be able to "go and be happy."
TMichael1220 TMichael1220
41-45, M
Jan 22, 2013