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For as long as I can remember I have not been able to maintain happiness in my life! I have been diagnosed w dysthymia a fancy word for chronic depression. Basically, life is enjoyed only a day at a time if I am lucky...I cannot remember the day I truly felt HAPPINESS...therefore I deep think all the time or I just keep myself upfloat and don't put much weight onto things! i fought the idea of medication for a very long time thru therapy tho it was highly recommended...I guess I am a sole believer in mind over body tho this time its in my what do you call that! Anyway I gave in to the meds only when I couldn't bare the weight of the sadness it made me feel very ill! I love to live my life as it pleases me as if I would die leaves a lot of room for adventures and lots of laughs...makes u wonder whether I enjoy them or not!!??? me too! I wonder about it all the time! its all short lived! This disorder (i guess it would be categorized as such) is common and also many people go without realizing that their are others like me!!!
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I am taking Nardil, a MAOI. It's powerful and risky, but it works.

I am taking Nardil, a MAOI. It's powerful and risky, but it works.

I KNOW I have dysthymia. It's gotten really bad the past few years. I can't stand it anymore. I think I am going to go on medication. Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't want it to effect my sex life! Thanks.

I have same problem. I've been taking Effexor 75mg and increased my dose to 150mg. I take 100mg of Trazadone a night to help me sleep because my mind always races. If it isn't to much may I ask you guys what your taking?<br />
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I would like to discuss these other possiblities with my doctor.<br />
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My Dysthimia is like always waking up with a lodged pebble in my shoe. I can get around okay, but with a constant pain. I need to take the effort to get the pebble out every morning so I can enjoy my day.

I'm with you there! I just want to live my life normally and not be plagued by depression. You can talk to me anytime. :)

I have been told by two psychologists that I have dysthymia too but I have not yet been officially diagnosed by an MD. I don't truly have classical sadness but a constant low level internal frustration, can't concentrate, low self esteem, etc. I am 37 and this has been my life for as long as I remember. Only now am I really considering medication, it is really interefering with my life and I am convinced that this condition was responsible for my divorce and my inability to form satisfying relationships. Anyone have a good responce to meds re this? Thanks, all ;-)

Aye, me too. I was diagnosed three years ago, have learned a lot, and am looking for others to talk about it. I have talked with depressives enough, but I still don't feel like i fit in.<br />
Talk to me!!

hey, can i talk to you. I am also suspecting that i am having a chronic depression since most of the time i am upfloat and can't enjoy the happiness which others all expect i should.

I have dysthymia too and have been on medication since 1988. It helps me greatly. If you'd like to talk, let me know.

you are definetely not alone my dear!!!