Well here I am again about to lose my job  for the 3rd time through no fault of my own. The company I work for is packing up and moving to another state and I'm not invited to go along. It's the 3rd plant either to  close down or to move in the last 30 years.

It sucks to  work your butt off, do good work and have your employer abandon . Factory work in  the USA is dying . so here I go , At 52 yrs of age having change careers. I just can't face another putting another 10 yrs at another factory just to have it dump me like so much garbage.

I just figure out what to in the last few years of my working life

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With you brother 54 years old here, worked my *** off I have been laid off twice due to lack off work. Doing trailor mechanic work (semi-trailors) right now. Thankful I have a job. In January in my spare time I will go to school to get cdl A liscence, then I will drive am looking forward to it

pain in the arse changing careers. and yes manufacturing and other industrial plants are going the way of the dodo. <br />
so... look at your other talents. if it's martial arts then look at that. <br />
it may just be that instead of changing jobs, you change your path. <br />
good luck with that.

I honestly think it's a perfect fit for you and it's something you love doing. Not many people get the opprotunity to get paid to do what they love. You have the opprotunity to do just that and I think you should seize it. <br />
<br />
*ok, off my soapbox now* lol

I just may

I think you should become a full time martial arts instructor. You have the talent and experience, so go for it.<br />
<br />